Consulting is the first and probably most essential and overlooked step before developing your website. A clear vision of objectives, strategies, and target audience is crucial in order to succeed. What are you seeking to accomplish with the website, and how can you reach these objectives effectively? What audience are you targeting, and what are the best ways to convince them of your message? These issues should be clearly addressed from the beginning, and kept in mind at every stage of the design process.


SOLIDARITY DESIGN will work with you to identify the specific objectives and create an effective strategy to achieve them, before even starting to design and develop the website. The charge for this service for normal clients is US$ 200 and includes a report detailing our recommendations, as well as a price quotation for the recommended plan. For qualifying organizations*, for a limited time, this service is provided FREE OF CHARGE - no strings attached!


* The discount is applicable to organizations which have limited budgets and fall into the following categories:
i) Organizations physically located in occupied Palestine and contributing to the cause,
ii) Organizations outside of Palestine that actively support the Palestinian cause.
SOLIDARITY DESIGN will use its sole discretion in determining whether an organization qualifies for the discount. Kindly e-mail us your organization's mission in order to have your request processed.