Website promotion is the process of inducing visits to your website. The most effective manner to accomplish this is by attaining listings in the main search engines. Below are the search engine submission packages that we offer.

SOLIDARITY DESIGN also does animated banner production, and we will be glad to quote you upon request.


Qualifying organizations (as defined below) will receive 50% discount* on all search engine submissin packages.


This entails entering your website's date into an automated search engine submission software and letting it fire away, submitting your website details to approximately 1,000 search engines. Cost: US$100 for a one-time submission, or US$200 for 4 quarterly re-submissions. Does not include a submission report.

This package entails steps in optimizing your website for higher search engine rankings, and manually submitting your website to the 12 major search engines. Cost: US$200 for a one-time submission, or US$300 for 4 quarterly re-submissions. Includes a submission report.

This package includes both the Auto-Submit and the Gold Submit (as described above). Cost: US$250 for a one-time submission, or US$400 for 4 quarterly re-submissions. Includes a submission report.

This package entails manual submission to 24 major Mideast search engines or portals. Cost: US$120. Includes a submission report.


* The discount is applicable to organizations which have limited budgets and fall into the following categories:
i) Organizations physically located in occupied Palestine and contributing to the cause,
ii) Organizations outside of Palestine that actively support the Palestinian cause.
SOLIDARITY DESIGN will use its sole discretion in determining whether an organization qualifies for the discount. Kindly e-mail us your organization's mission in order to have your request processed.