Only a few people were allowed closer to the Muqata'a - the President's headquarters, where Condoleeza was visiting - mainly some mothers of martyrs, and journalists. A few others (myself included) managed to infiltrate the farther barrier where most of the protest occured.

Ramallah on Strike to protest Condoleeza Rice's visit
(nicknamed here as "Condara," meaning shoe - a severe insult in the Arab world)

The protest is alive with various flags, including Palestine, Lebanon, Hamas, Almubadara, the People's Party, and others.

Many signs were created, such as one calling for a War Crimes tribunal against George Bush, Tony Blair, and probably an Israeli official.

Protestors are blocked by the U.S-sponsored Presidential Guard (allegedly to guard the U.S.-sponsored President, who is seen by many here as a sell-out, but also to be a force in the U.S.-desired war against Hamas).

The U.S.-sponsored Presidential Guard seems to be out in full force today!

Sign: "The New Middle East Lebanon" with photos of the carnage there. Mustafa Barghouthi, head of the Palestinian Health Relief Committees, and the Palestinian party Almubadara, in the middle (wearing a white cap).

Sign: "The New Middle East Iraq" with photos of the carnage there.

A young man leading the chanting.

The Lebanese flag was proudly displayed, in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Lebanon. Several people were also wearing t-shirts with "I Love Lebanon."

Photography Haithem El-Zabri